Vitamin Drinks

Every one of us needs a lot of energy. Good Vitamins is a drink that supplies people with the vitamins they need for everyday life. Good Vitamins is beneficial for both children and adults. It gives energy for waking up in the morning and doing sports. Good Vitamins contains vitamins E, B, and D, magnesium, selenium, and zinc. Vitamin E works well on human skin, reduces fatigue and exhaustion. Vitamin B regulates the work of nerves, muscles, and bones, have a positive effect on metabolism. Vitamin D strengthens immunity, makes bones and hair stronger, helps prevent cancer and heart disease.   Magnesium regulates the nerve and muscle functions. The consumption of magnesium helps prevent kidney stones, reduces blood pressure and reduces blood clots. The need for magnesium increases with mental and physical stress, as well as when doing active sports, in puberty, and with pregnant women. Selenium strengthens the immune system, helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases and cancers. Helps maintain tissue elasticity and slows down aging. Zinc keeps the immune system in good working order, balances blood glucose and stabilizes metabolism. Zinc is needed for bone formation and muscle control. Also, for the development of sex organs, prostate function and the activity of female hormones.
The Good Vitamins drinks are available in three tastes: raspberry, blueberry, and lemon-lime.
Apricot OÜ, Liivi, Holstre village, 69602 Viljandi parish
500 ml PET – 12 bottles in the carton
Hope Good Vitamins Raspberry Flavor 4740077012419
Hope Good Vitamins Blueberry Flavor 4740077012426
Hope Good Vitamins Lemon-Lime Flavor 4740077012501