About Us

Apricot OÜ is a company founded in 2010 based on Estonian capital producing alcohol and soft drinks. Our products are made in a naturally beautiful place in the middle of the Holstre hills and lakes in the county of Viljandi, where the air is clean and delightful. Our product portfolio includes alcoholic beverages such as vodkas, rums, liqueurs, brandy, gin and other spirit drinks. Out of the non-alcoholic products, we produce syrups, juice concentrates, vitamin drinks, energy drinks, lemonade, and root beer. We are flexible and can also produce small quantities and, thanks to that, we can cooperate with clients who would like us to bottle a limited amount of drinks. We always find time for our client to develop a product so that the result would be perfect and flawless. Many well-known private label products come from our factory, and so many are largely handcrafted. Our goal is to provide high quality and valued products for the final consumer.